David Owen Michaels

David initially studied Musical Theater at Ohio Northern University with Directors Nils Riess, Katriona McPhee, and Robert Behrens from 2003 to 2006.  David Graduated from Ohio Northern with a B.A. in Pre-law, but decided that law was not the correct path for him.  He enrolled at Cleveland State University in 2009 and ultimately received a second Bachelor’s degree from Cleveland State University in 2013 in the field of Music Education. 

David is currently the Theater/Orchestra Director at Cuyahoga Heights High School and Middle School in Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio, a position he has held for the past five years. He has also served as the Artistic Director for such shows as Grease, All Shook Up, The Jungle Book, Aladdin Jr, and Sound of Music. He has also served as the Music Director for several local productions including most recently, John and Jen at Western Reserve Playhouse, in Bath, Ohio.  Aside from his great love for theater, he also has a strong passion for playing and writing music. 

It is this marriage of passion for theater and music that propels David’s desire to write for musical theater. “Infamous” has been the culmination of twelve years of hard work that has involved a great deal of research, persistence and teamwork.  David Currently resides in Fairview Park, Ohio where he lives with his wife, Adriana and Daughter, Madeline.  He can be found playing solo piano at Guarino’s Restaurant in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood on Thursday through Sunday evenings.

In a recent TV news interview, Michaels described INFAMOUS in the following terms:  

“This musical offers its audience something unlike any other. “INFAMOUS” is a dynamic, original, and unique piece of theater that explores our nation’s divided past, through the lens of our divided present.  The relevancy of this show to our modern time cannot be overstated”         David Owen Michaels.

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